Leonsio Matagi

Profile Picture: 
Educational, Social and Organizational Psychology
Head of Department
PhD (Organizational Psychology)

Publications/Research Output:

  • Competencies, work attitudes and job performance of Sub-County Chiefs under the decentralized system in Uganda: Implications for good governance (PhD Thesis, 2012).
  • Remuneration Discrepancies within the Landlocked Economies of Malaŵi and Uganda. International Journal of Psychology, Oct 1; 45 (5):341-349 (2010).
  • Gender-friendly human resource management and organizational commitment: A study of organizations in Uganda.  In OSSREA Gender Issues Research Report Series No. 23. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2006).
  • The implementation of the retrenchment exercise and its consequences on the retrenched public officers in Uganda. In R. Mukama & M. Rutanga; Confronting Twenty-first Century Challenges: Analyses and Re-dedications by National and International Scholars, Volume Two. Faculty of Social Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda (2005).
  • The effect of retrenchment exercise on organizational performance and quality of working life in Uganda: Poverty policy perspectives. Working Paper #7, Published by NURRU Publications (2002).
  • The development of personnel selection structured interview schedules for senior district administration jobs in Uganda:  A competence analysis approach (Masters Dissertation, 2001).
  • The Traditional Healing of AIDS in Uganda. Published in Psychotherapy in Africa: First Investigations, World Council for Psychotherapy, Vienna – Austria Pg. 97 – 104 (1996).
  • Factors affecting condom use among secondary school male adolescents (An Undergraduate Dissertation, 1991).

Ongoing research work/projects:

Creativity and collaboration at work places, Drug and substance abuse, Engagement among students.

Research interests:

Perceived organizational support, work attitudes, stress, emotional intelligence, engagement, organizational culture, and withdrawal intentions.

Contacts (phone, email):

Tel:      +256 701 800 185

             +256 712 800 186

Email:  matajileon@yahoo.com