Martin Baluku

Profile Picture: 
Educational, Social and Organizational Psychology
Assistant Lecturer
Master of Organizational Psychology

On-going Studies: PhD student, Work & Organizational Psychology, Philipps-University Marburg

Areas of expertise/ Courses taught: change management and organizational development, research methodology, experimental design, Organizational psychology, personnel psychology, entrepreneurship/ business psychology. 


  1. Baluku, M. M., Kikooma, J. F., & Kibanja, G. M. (2016). Does personality of owners of micro enterprises matter for the relationship between startup capital and entrepreneurial success? African Journal of Business Management, 10(1), 13-23. doi:10.5897/AJBM2015.7738
  2. Baluku, M. M., Kikooma, J. F., & Kibanja, G. M. (2016). Psychological capital and the startup capital–entrepreneurial success relationship. Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, 1-28. doi:10.1080/08276331.2015.1132512

Ongoing research work/projects:

  1. Psychological attributes, mentoring and self-employment: a comparison of German and East African youths (PhD Thesis), Supported by the DAAD.
  2. Positive psychological capital, career engagement, career satisfaction, perceived employability and adjustment to School-to-Work transition (Martin Mabunda Baluku, Kathleen Otto, & Joyce Nansamba).
  3. The impact of career ambition on psychologists’ extrinsic and intrinsic career success: The less they want, the more they get (Kathleen Otto, Robert Roe, Martin Mabunda Baluku, & Mauricio Esteban Garrido Vasquez).
  4. Locus of control, cognitive styles, moral intelligence and job satisfaction as predictors of unethical employee behaviors (Martin Mabunda Baluku, Kathleen Otto, Julius Kikooma, Edward Bantu)

Research interests:

  • Entrepreneurial psychology (issues of self-employment, entrepreneurial cognition, entrepreneurial training,  entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial success)
  • They dynamics and effectiveness of integration of refugees into the labor force of host countries
  • Career choices, career transition and career success
  • Organizational politics and change
  • Retirement and psychological wellbeing
  • The psychological contracts
  • The psychology of cheating and corruption (Morality in business, leadership and work)

Contact (phone, email or both):;

+256777676950; +4915219223113