Bachelor of Community Psychology

Human Sexuality

BCP 1102 - Human Sexuality

Aim of the Course: The course aims at introducing students to the fundamentals of human sexuality while exploring the unfolding sexual desires of adolescence providing them with skills in managing sex education programs. The course builds the confidence of the student in terms of their own sexuality and lays the foundation for developing a career in helping people with relationship problems.

Communication skills

BCP 1101 - Communication skills

Course aim:

To provide students with effective communication skills for improving their interpersonal and human relations. To have a clear understanding of the theory and principles of communication and understand and appreciate how communication is central in our lives, relationships, culture etc. To develop ability to communicate effectively and apply appropriate skills with in the context of work


To attract and train students into market resilient psychologists, that can address local,regional,and global challenges through their research and intervention skill.