Makerere University Regional Psycho-Trauma Project

Why this Project

The problem:

Many traumatizing events have left thousands of individuals, families and communities destitute and emotionally shattered and seriously affected their mental health. Many individuals, NGOs and National governments have often come with psychosocial interventions that are not well targeted lack systematic methodologies and are often are not holistic approach. This has been due to lack of well trained personnel that have attended a standardized curriculum. There is lack of a centre in the region that could act as a locus of training and coordination in trauma training and research. Without research we cannot be sure about the design, extent, impact and revision of psychosocial interventions.

The project goal and objectives:

The goals is to improve mental Health of East Africans and Great Lakes affected by psycho trauma through maximum use of knowledge and skills derived from an interdisciplinary collaboration which promotes a holistic therapeutic approach in addressing the soul, the psyche and the body. Specific objectives include to train, organizational staff, and support students to do their masters and PhDs research; apply interventions from a multidisciplinary angle; set up a regional psycho trauma centre; set partnership and networks in East African; and sensitize and advocate for psycho trauma activities.

Project Location, Coverage, Duration and Cost

Project Location and coverage:

Makerere University Regional Psycho-Trauma Project is located at the Psycho trauma centre at Makerere University. It covers the East African region but will also cover South Sudan and the DRC using a multi-disciplinary approach to psychotherapy.

Project Duration:

The project when launched will last for 5 years with possibility of extension

Project Implementation Team:

The project is implemented by the School of Psychology with representative from each country in the region.

Cost: The project will cost 1,819,300 US dollars

Contact Us

Project Coordinator:
Prof Peter Baguma
School of Psychology
Makerere University
P O Box 7062 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 772551804