Mental Heath and Community Psychology

This is the home of Bachelor of Community Psychology, Masters of Arts in Counselling and Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology.  We are the department that trains people to cater for the mental health needs of Ugandans and other people.  Our students have the skills to sensitise people about mental health or psychological health of individuals, families and communities.  At the post-graduate level, students are trained to offer psychological interventions to improve on the mental health of those who are stressed, confused, bereaved or faced with other social and psychological problems.
Our vision is a world with mentally healthy, productive and happy people. 
Our mission is to train market resilient Clinical and Counselling psychologists.
  1. Develop and maintain result oriented management.
  2. Create and maintain high performing team(s) to achieve institutional goals.
  3. Enhance students’ employability.
  4. Enhance professional growth and excellence.
  5. Attracting and maintaining competent and committed staff.
  6. Develop outreach programs.


To attract and train students into market resilient psychologists, that can address local,regional,and global challenges through their research and intervention skill.